Advent 2011 :: Day 22

by Dion Oxford

Imagine a day when everyone was a part of a caring community of people who loved each other.

Consider a day when everyone shared their stuff; in fact, no one believed anything was ‘their stuff’ but that it belonged to the whole community.

Imagine a time when no one felt the need to abuse the people in their community by taking advantage of people’s kindness.

Imagine a time when everyone had someone to love and knew that someone loved them.

Just imagine!

Come Lord Jesus. Come quickly!

Dion Oxford

2 Responses to “Advent 2011 :: Day 22”

  1. drgabrielse

    Thank you to everyone in the UofT community who has contributed to this wonderful Advent series. It has been a real blessing to me.
    Randy Gabrielse

  2. Brian Walsh

    Hey Randy, you are most welcome. Glad to know that you are out there and that you find the kind of stuff that emerges out of our community is sustaining and encouraging for folks like you.


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