Each year, during Lent, we are invited to join Jesus in his slow, steady march towards Jerusalem, Calvary and the cross. Each and every year, we are invited into this forty day journey. Forty. A number that invokes Noah, the Exodus, and the time between conception and new birth. What struggles will we face, what pain will we endure, and what new life will be born amongst us? 

exodus journey by Melodie Ng

slake my thirst

parched arid land
dust swirls
sticks to skin
peer through grit
sand in eyes

we are stumbling

lead me
camp in our midst
our wilderness terrain

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Will You Take My Cup by Andrew Stephens-Rennie

Jesus cries out,
battered and bruised
in the garden of torment, sweat, and blood he prays:

Take this cup from me.
Will you take the cup?

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She Knew What it Cost by Brian Walsh

She invites us to count the cost.
She invites us to pour out an extravagant gift.
She invites us to remain in this love.
She invites us to stay.

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Discerning Lent by Liz Ivkovich

I am broken, and I get distracted by worry, fear, busyness, the needs of other people. I walk out of the spotlight, my prayer life suffers, and I begin to worry about the end of the journey.

Jesus reassures me; “I don’t want your perfection, I want your return.” He just continually calls me to return to Him, return to the place where He can meet me, and know His love.

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Remaining in Lent by Brian Walsh

“Am I going to remain in this story,
in this faith,
in this community,
and with this God,
or not?”

This question is at the heart of every pastoral conversation that I’ve ever had.

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