Will You Take My Cup?

by Andrew Stephens-Rennie

A reflection on Romans 15:1-13
Wine Before Breakfast
Originally Delivered March 13, 2007

Jesus cries out,
battered and bruised
in the garden of torment, sweat, and blood he prays:

Take this cup from me.
Will you take the cup?


I know he thinks we’re worthy of trust
But I’m scared
And I’m scared we’ll get scared
And nail him up again


Two thousand years and an atom bomb away
We once used wood and nails
And now, we turn out hate in factories


Who among us can bear the cup?

And yet Jesus asks again:
Take this cup from me.
Will you take my cup?


Two thousand years and an atom bomb away
We once divided the world Gentile from Jew, Slave from Free
And now, we divide it by sexuality


Who among us can bear the cross?

And Jesus asks again:
Take this cross from me.
Will you carry my cross?


What dignity will you sacrifice to bring unity?
What cross will you carry to bring the gift of life?
Whose cup will you drink to live in peace?

[With thanks to Bruce Cockburn, Brand New, and Matthew’s Gospel]

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Andrew Stephens-Rennie
Andrew is a writer, dreamer and organizer with a keen interest in developing leaders in faith, compassion and justice.

He currently serves as the Director of Missional Renewal for the Anglican Diocese of Kootenay on the unceded territories of the Sinixt, Syilx, and Ktunaxa nations. He previously served as the Director of Ministry Innovation at Christ Church Cathedral in Vancouver, BC.

Andrew is cofounder and contributing editor at www.empireremixed.com, and co-editor of "A Sort of Homecoming: Essays Honoring the Academic and Community Work of Brian Walsh" with Marcia Boniferro and Amanda Jagt.

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