May 14, 2008

Romans Disarmed: A Salon Discussion

What would it be like if the book of Romans was a disarming text, not a weapon in theological warfare? What would happen if we read this ancient letter to a community at the heart of the empire, as if it were a letter addressed to a community, well, at the heart of the empire?

Might it be that this epistle disarms rather than wages war? What would such disarmament look like in the face of our own imperial realities?

romans disarmed :: a salon discussion will be an intimate conversation amongst two highly respected scholars of Romans and Pauline Theology, Marva Dawn from Regent College in Vancouver, and Sylvia Keesmaat from the Institute for Christian Studies in Toronto.

Together they, and those who join us, will enter into conversations on the Book of Romans, remixing the empire and living transformed, not conformed lives.


So we’ve been running a series on Romans over here at Empire Remixed, so if you’d like to take a look at that back-catalogue, check out some of our favourite posts:

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wednesday may 14, 2008 | 7.00pm | wycliffe college | toronto, on

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