Nov 08, 2014

Junia’s Daughters – Young Women Partnering in Ministry

9:00am - 4:30pm
Wycliffe College (5 Hoskin Avenue, Toronto, Ontario)

Learn from and share with other women on topics like leadership and healthy sexuality, as well as on issues around maintaining a vibrant personal, professional, and spiritual life as a woman in ministry or considering ministry.

Be inspired by women who are living out ministry lives of passion and insight.

Consider questions like “Is ordination the path for you?” “How do I live a balanced life in the midst of challenging work?” “How can I understand what stewardship might look like for me?”

This is a conference by question-filled women for question-filled women. No pat answers allowed. Instead, expect a day full of personal stories, faith reflections, and interesting questions.

Plenary Speakers:

Dr. Sylvia Keesmaat

Sylvia Keesmaat is the biblical Scholar in Residence for the Anglican Deanery of Trent Durham whose readings of the biblical story open up the text for our contemporary context. She speaks frequently on topics that connect the biblical text with issues of social and environmental justice, as well as pastoral issues facing the church today. She teaches both at the Toronto School of Theology and in lay contexts around the world. With her husband, Brian Walsh, Sylvia is the author of Colossians Remixed: Subverting the Empire, as well as author and editor of The Advent of Justice. In 2004, she left full-time academia to pursue her interests in sustainable living, and she currently lives on an organic solar-powered farm in Cameron, Ontario.

Rachel McCullough

Rachel McCullough works, worships and hangs out at Sanctuary, a downtown church whose purpose is to become a community in which those who are homeless, poor, and otherwise socially marginalized are the central and most valued members. Her main focus at Sanctuary is street outreach, community pastoral care, and theological reflection. Rachel is also a doctoral student at Wycliffe College studying the relationship between the Eucharist and social justice. She lives in downtown Toronto with her husband Glenn and their two year old son, Cole.

Event Hosted By Friends of Empire Remixed, Urban Remixed

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