Feb 20, 2014

How to Live Generously in a Fearful World

7:00pm - 9:00pm
The Russian Hall (600 Campbell Ave, Vancouver, BC)

Live Generously We get asked for money all the time. We get tired of being asked, but what about those who are doing the asking?

Mosaic, a church on Vancouver’s False Creek is a self-described small, rag-tag group of people seeking to be honest about their brokenness and addictions, hopes and fears, faith and doubts.

And they’re loathe to do “yet another fundraiser,” even though that’s just what they’re going to do. Pressing into the community’s exploration of ways to live into mutually transformative partnerships, Mosaic is raising funds by hosting a discussion.

The discussion will focus on the difficulties of living out of God’s vision of generosity and abundance in a world that tends to live from scarcity and fear. In short:

What does it mean for generous organizations like Mosaic to build mutually transformative partnerships all the while raising funds in a world of scarcity? 

This event will help each of us explore the issues at play when asking and being asked for money in a world emphasizing scarcity instead of God’s abundance.

It’s an important discussion, one from which many will benefit. If you attend, please consider ways in which you can give of yourself in meaningful ways – both to this community, and to the communities of which you are a part.

The panel includes:

Mark Van Steenwyk
Mark is a radical anabaptist author/speaker who’s recently published a provocative book titled The Un-Kingdom of God. The book explores the ways Christian community have failed God’s mission by seeking only to advance our own agendas. In his book, he demonstrates a starting point of repentance. He brings this much-needed perspective to our discussion.
Carrie McLeod. 
Carrie is a creative through and through, bringing an artist’s eye to questions of poverty, injustice and peacebuilding. She’s the Research Director for the Dancing at the Crossroads conflict transformation and dance project at the University of British Columbia and is on the faculty of the Vancouver Expressive Arts Program.

Event Hosted By Friends of Empire Remixed

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