Darkness Isn’t Sin Twin

by Jacqueline Daley

Part III: Darkness Isn’t Sin Twin

Who cloned evil in darkness?
When evil appears any time and in shade of day
God’s people sin in the dark night or broad daylight
Adam and Eve original sin was in bright sunlight
The food tempted was to their eyes’ delight
God confronted them in the cool evening breeze
While they hid covered with fig leaves
Cain must have killed Abel in the bright mid-morning light
We must resist the myth of slayer Cain dark mark sight

David committed adulterous and murderous acts
His sinful eyes guided by the bright afternoon light
Jesus, God’s only son, was crucified under soft sad morning light
While a blood thirsty crowd raged in sheer spite
Crucify Him!, crucify Him!
The ultimate sin committed in bright white daylight!

Let’s not forget Blacks like Nelson, Wangari, Rosa
Harriet, Malcolm, Garvey and King
These saints offered their Black lives to shine bright light on White sin
Enlightening the world to let freedom win
Reminding us: Black is not evil sin twin

So why all this demon blackness, darkness madness?
Perhaps to keep us locked in numbness blindness
Some sheltered in White-privileged spaces
To keep the rest of us enslaved in our places
Separated from the truth of how we are created
Fearfully made, wonderfully dark-dirt crafted

Jacqueline Daley

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