Darkness is Freedom Seekers Friend

by Jacqueline Daley

Part II: Darkness is Freedom Seekers Friend

A darkness that could be felt covered Egypt so the Hebrews could flee
From bondage the Hebrews were led safely through the Red Sea
From deep darkness God’s voice would be
From thick darkness God summoned Moses who could not see
In thick darkness the covenant was chiselled on stone tablets for free

To deep darkness Harriet and all freedom seekers continue to flee
Away from bondage to claim their divine destiny
Who can deny darkness goodness?
When night’s darkness offers so many captives their liberty

To Black Egypt the Hebrews fled from a famine’s dread
To Black Egypt an infant Savior was saved from Herod’s bloodshed
To keep the promise of holy nationhood
A kingdom of royal priesthood
A peculiar people-hood


To a dark grave our Savior King was laid
To offer salvation so all could be saved
To rise victorious over the grave
To be resurrected on the third day
Price for our sins, fully paid!

Jacqueline Daley

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