Darkness Goodness

DarknessMetaphors matter, and metaphors carry multiple meanings.  Think of how Jesus will wash our sins “as white as snow.” Facing freshly fallen snow, the metaphor is beautiful. But in the face of racism and white hegemony it can breed self-hatred amongst sisters and brothers of colour.

Now think about darkness. A universal metaphor for life without light, life without clarity and direction. So we ‘kick at the darkness’ and insist that light is stronger than darkness. All true. And yet, metaphors are never neutral. What does it mean to vilify darkness if your skin is dark? How do we respond to darkness during Black History Month?

Jacqueline Daley, a member of the Wine Before Breakfast community has been asking this profound question. Out of deep struggle and communal conversation she has decided that it is time to celebrate the darkness.

Over the next five days we are going to publish Jacqueline’s powerful five part poem “Darkness Goodness.”

Jacqueline Daley

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