Advent 2011 :: Day 12

by Dion Oxford

Imagine a day when no one was hungry.

Imagine a world where children didn’t go to school so hungry they couldn’t focus on what they were being taught.

Imagine a day when we didn’t hear about obesity stats and related illnesses due to people eating huge amounts of cheap, easy, processed, deep fried and absent of any nutritional value foods being; imagine we didn’t need to consider this issue having become a new kind of westernized famine.

Imagine a day when no one needed to go to a food bank in order to get through the day and have enough money left over to pay the rent.

Consider a day when family farming regains its identity as a noble and sustainable profession.

Imagine a day when not one single person in the whole world died of starvation.

Just imagine!

Come Lord Jesus. Come quickly!

Dion Oxford

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