The Poor Are Everywhere

Earlier today, Michael Shapcott tweeted “the poor are everywhere – except in Canada’s Federal Election.” In this vlog, Dion Oxford, director of the Salvation Army’s Gateway Shelter in Toronto invites Canadians, and especially the political elite to get a handle on homelessness.

What would happen if we walked through our cities’ neighbourhoods and met people who are poor? What would happen if we looked them in the eye, saw that they were cold, hungry, underclothed and underhoused? How would we be changed if we put a human face on the poor? Would this change policy, funding or – dare we suggest it – hearts?


Dion Oxford

2 Responses to “The Poor Are Everywhere”

  1. Galaxian

    No, public policy would not change much, because homelessness is functional in our society, even more in the USA than in Canada.

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