Targum :: Romans 1.1-25

by Brian Walsh

In Bob Goudzwaard’s blog on the economic crisis, he raises the issue of idolatry. Could idolatry be at the heart of all of this? In this blog, Brian Walsh picks up on a targum that he had written some months ago on Romans 1 and continues the thread through Paul’s depiction of idolatry in Romans 1.18-25.

The following targum was presented at the British Columbia Christian Teacher’s Convention on October 9, 2008.

Romans 1.1-25: A targum in the face of economic collapse (amongst other things).

Brian Walsh
Brian is an activist theologian, a retired CRC campus minister, the founder of the Wine Before Breakfast community, and farms with Sylvia Keesmaat at Russet House Farm.He engages issues of theology and culture, and has written a couple of books you might want to check out. His most recent offering is cowritten with Sylvia Keesmaat and entitled Romans Disarmed: Resisting Empire, Demanding Justice.

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