Urban Remixed is a Toronto-based educational initiative that seeks to develop street-level urban ministry leaders with biblical, spiritual and theological depth.

In collaboration with campus ministries, churches, educational institutions and urban ministry practitioners, we offer an integrated, biblically imaginative, spiritually rooted and theologically insightful formation for urban ministry.

To do this, we offer courses, seminars and events that expound upon our five core values.

  • Ministries of justice with and amongst the most marginalized of our urban context.
  • Ministries of imagination that foster a liberated imagination for urban life.
  • Ministries of restoration that seek a sustainable city.
  • Ministries of reconciliation that encourages community development in the context of restorative justice.
  • Ministries of renewal of the church that help rebirth the church as a community of shalom in our urban neighbourhoods.

For further description of this urban ministry vision, see Brian Walsh’s article “Urban Ministry: Looking for a Place Called Home.