Forgive Our Colour-Coded Limitedness

by Jacqueline Daley Part V: Forgive Our Colour-Coded Limitedness God’s creative genius shines brightest in darkness God offers treasures of darkness, riches stored in secret places Dark is as light to God as night is as day Bless the lord of light and dark Bless God’s holy name Lord teach us to know and be still in your deep darkness Where God’s light shines brightest Lord forgive our colour-coded limitedness Our narrow mindedness worldliness Our sin-stained humanness Free us from our White privileged blindness Heal our wounded red, yellow, black and white-ness Restore us to your wholeness We long for your holiness

We Began in Darkness

by Jacqueline Daley Part I: We Began in Darkness It all began in darkness In the beginning the earth was a formless void Darkness covered the face of the deep In darkness the Creator God dwell Thick canopy darkness surrounded God well Righteousness and justice the foundation for all to tell From formless darkness God’s creative genius held power From dark voidness God’s omnipotent power tower From deep darkness God summon lightness Darkness birth lightness Light for the day; dark for the night Darkness and lightness to dwell together Both equally good to elevate God’s power, none lower God formed man from dirt darkness God formed woman from dark dirt man-ness Together man and woman flaunt God’s wholeness Made and created in God’s image and likeness God’s dark dirt male and female-ness You see in darkness we originate To darkness we will finally immigrate In darkness our seed got planted In the wombs’ darkness we are fearfully, wonderfully crafted Perfectly grafted