Kicking at the Darkness

Kicking at the Darkness is a liturgy inspired by the music of Canadian Songwriter Bruce Cockburn. Read Full Text

Amidst the Powers: Benediction

Amidst the Powers: A Benediction is a liturgy prepared for the March 2009 Evolving Church conference in Oakville, Ontario, and was written by Brian Walsh.  Read Full Text

A Litany of Resistance

In May 2007, we concluded our Ghost Stories: Local Pain, Local Hope event with this Litany of Resistance composed by Christian Peacemaker James Loney, which we modified for the event. Read Full Text

Deep Blue: A Prayer of Lament

We shared this lament during morning worship at Calvin College’s Festival of Faith and Music in Grand Rapids Michigan on Saturday March 31, 2007. Read Full Text

NT Wright Revival

In May 2006, we hosted our first event, Wright Remixed, with Theologian NT Wright. Stream Audio