Course Title:

Music, Prophecy & Culture

Brian Walsh
Course Dates:
Jan 07, 2014 - Apr 22, 2014
CRC Chaplain's Office, Wycliffe College

While theology has always found a fruitful dialogue partner in the arts, the course will approach the world of contemporary music in genres as diverse as rock, bluegrass, hip hop, folk and alternative rock as theological resources in their own right. Attending to the interweaving of biblical iconography, symbols, narratives, motifs and themes in the lyrics of these artists, we will explore the prophetic, pastoral, liturgical and theological contribution that they make for Christian reflection and praxis in a late modern socio-historical context.

There will also be focused attention on the artistry of Canadian singer/songwriter Bruce Cockburn.

Class Type: Seminar

Evaluation: class participation 25%, reflection papers or one major essay 75%.

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