We had a great time with Shane, Chris the Psalters and Jon Brooks on the only Canadian stop of the Jesus for Prime Minister tour, just one day before Canada Day.

Despite some delays at the Border, some questions as to whether the bus was really powered by veggie oil (and was not, instead, a travelling meth lab), they made it for an incredible, packed evening at Church of the Redeemer in the heart of downtown Toronto.

“What are 400 people doing,” more than a few passers-by asked, “crowded on the front steps of a church in the heart of Yorkville?” It was quite the scene, to be sure!

We were there to listen to stories. We were there to listen to the story of the scriptures, and stories of living those stories out in 21st Century North America. We were there not only to listen, but to be inspired.

The spirit’s breath was with us, as we were challenged to think of Christians’ role in effecting change in this world. Faith means nothing without faithful living, and we were challenged to respond faithfully to the story of the scriptures, and God’s call on our lives to seek others’ welfare before we seek our own.

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