Empire Remixed’s primary contributors are Andrew Stephens-Rennie and activist theologian Brian Walsh. They are joined by a variety of theologians, students and practitioners, who continue to bring new perspective to the challenges of being church in the 21st Century. 

Andrew Stephens-Rennie :: A graduate of Wycliffe College, Andrew is a writer, dreamer and organizer. With a keen interest in developing leaders in faith, compassion and justice, he consults with congregations and non-profits to pioneer responsive, contextual solutions to complex challenges.

Brian Walsh :: Brian is an activist theologian and the CRC Campus Minister at the University of Toronto. He engages issues of theology and culture, and has written a couple of books you might want to check out. His most recent offering is entitled Kicking at the Darkness: Bruce Cockburn and the Christian Imagination.

Other notable contributors include Shane Claiborne, Julie Clawson, Jacqueline DaleyBob Goudzwaard, Sylvia Keesmaat, Dave Krause, Ericka Stephens-Rennie, Rachel Tulloch, and NT (Tom) Wright.