Empire Remixed emerged out of a common worship experience that constantly challenged our imaginations to wrestle with the cultural, economic, ecclesial and political implications of a Saviour broken and bruised.

To this day, worship remains key to our continued vitality. These are some of the communities that continue to shape our imaginations, and challenge us in our discipleship.

Wine Before Breakfast (Toronto, ON)

The Wine Before Breakfast community is where Empire Remixed was born way back in 2005.

Rooted in the belief that Christian community is sustained and nurtured through a regular diet of Word and Sacrament, Wine Before Breakfast seeks to form such community at the University of Toronto and beyond. Through rich liturgy, creative music and provocative preaching we attempt to bring together Christians to begin their day in prayer and communion with God and one another.

While the liturgy is rooted in Anglican traditions, the table is the Lord’s and all Christians are invited to the meal. A richly pastoral community has emerged over the last seven years. After the service we enjoy a breakfast of home baking, preserves, juice and organic fair traded coffee together in the chaplain’s office.

St. Brigids Community (Vancouver, BC)

St. Brigids is an emerging Christian community rooted in the Anglican tradition where faith is nurtured, discipleship pursued, and questions are honoured.

It was co-founded under the leadership of Andrew Stephens-Rennie and the Rev. Marnie Peterson at Christ Church Cathedral, Vancouver. At its core, this community hungers and thirsts after a way of life that is honest, refuses to cover up ambiguity, and willingly embraces lament.